Should you be using Dunwoody Country Club facilities as a guest, the following information is provided as a helpful guideline to guests of DCC’s expectation of decorum, dress and protocol.

Guests are required to be accompanied by a Member at all times.  Please check with your hosts prior to visiting the Club. Dress Code and Policies are listed below.

Dress Code


  1. The dress code for the Banquet Facilities located upstairs in the Clubhouse shall be such that all male Members, male visitors and guests 14 years old and older are required to wear jackets during evening dining hours and for Sunday noon buffet, unless the function is noted as casual. Ties are optional. Ladies should also dress accordingly.
  2. Management may waive the foregoing Rule for specific Club sponsored events.
  3. Cutoffs, bathing suits, tank tops and bare feet (excluding locker rooms) are not acceptable in the Main Clubhouse, at any time.
  4. After 6pm in the Mixed Grill and Adult Bar the following attire is required: Appropriate golf and tennis clothing: Men and Women wearing tennis clothing must wear warm-ups or long sleeve cover-ups. Jeans in good taste; no offensive 4 slogans. Bermuda style shorts, collared shirts or banded collared shirts only (No T-Shirts). No gym clothes of any type are allowed. Dressy non-rubber sandals are permitted – No flip-flops.
  5. Gentlemen are permitted to wear caps on the following areas ONLY: Wellness Center, Men’s Locker Room, Men’s Lounge, Tennis Pro Shop, Tennis Pavilion and Golf Pro Shop.

Golf Course

Proper dress is determined by the Professional staff and is at their discretion. Cutoff shorts, denim shorts, short-shorts, string/halter tops and tennis or swimming attire, blue jeans and denim shorts are not permitted.

Tennis Courts

All players using the tennis courts and facilities must wear appropriate tennis clothing. Men must wear tops with sleeves. Bathing suits or cover - ups, jeans and cut - offs will be considered inappropriate dress on the courts. Sports bras must not be worn without an additional top. All players must wear regulation tennis shoes on the courts. Black sole shoes on the hard courts and running shoes on the clay courts are not permitted.

Pool Facilities

Proper attire will be worn when using the pool facilities. All Members must wear a swimming suit in the pool. All children ages 3 and under must wear the plastic seal diaper over their swim diaper while in the pool. Because Food & Beverage facilities are provided at the pool, no swim attire will be allowed in the Clubhouse or Tennis Center Lounge.

Wellness Center

Proper workout attire must be worn at all times. Cutoff shorts, bathing suits and jeans are not considered proper attire. Proper footwear must be worn at all times to prevent injury – No bare feet allowed.

Club Policies

Vehicle Parking

All vehicles parked on the Club grounds must be parked within the designated areas. All “no parking” restrictions must be Observed. Vehicles shall not be parked in driveways at any time or at the main entrance of the clubhouse unless an attendant is on duty.

Briefcases, Laptops, Business Papers

Briefcases, laptops, and business papers are permitted only in the private rooms ( i.e., South Wing Conference Rooms, Committee Room, & Ballroom ) and business offices of the Club. They are excluded from public rooms of the Club.

Animals and Pets

No domesticated animals or pets are allowed on the Club premises.

No Responsibility for Non - Club Property

The Club will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for the property of Members, guests, visitors or other persons brought on the Club premises for any purpose whatsoever. The Club assumes no responsibility for automobile damage thereto or property left therein.

Cell Phone Use

The audible use of cellular phones and other electronic communications are prohibited inside the clubhouse.  Except in cases of medical emergency, audible use of mobile devices is only permitted in telephone booths, privately reserved rooms, locker rooms, parking lots, and select locations expressly indicated.  Members and their guests may carry their mobile devices, but must keep the ringers or speakers of the devices on silent or vibrate and may discreetly use them for silent data transmission in all areas of the Club.

“Mobile devices” includes cellular telephones, pagers, tablets, wireless accessories and similar devices, but does not include laptop computers.